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Customized Massage  Can be a relaxing Swedish massage at our McKinney day spa using long strokes and gentle kneading to reduce tension and soothe sore muscles or a deep tissue massage to relieve specific areas of tension and pain or it can be a combination of the these. Our McKinney spa massage therapist uses a variety of techniques such as neuromuscular, accupressure, trigger point and myofascial release.  This type of therapeutic massage helps to relieve chronic muscle tension, aids in recovery from activity-induced soreness and promotes general well-being.
    30/60/90 Minutes                                                                                    $45/$70/$105
                                                                                                             Special 1 Hour...Now $59
                                                                                                                  90 Minute...Now $89

Prenatal Massage  Provided by a Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist at our Dallas medi spa for women past the first trimester (14 weeks). It is designed to alleviate some of the common discomforts of pregnancy. A special body support cushion is used to assure proper positioning, support and comfort for this nurturing and relaxing massage.
  30/60/90 Minutes                                                                                    $45/$70/$105
                                                                                                              Special  1 Hour...Now $59
                                                                                                                  90 Minute...Now  $89

LaStone Massage  Smooth, hot stones are used, bringing a wonderful warmth to release muscle tension, relieve chronic pain and reduce inflammation. Stones are placed on chakras and pressure points to relax and balance your mind, body and soul.  Deeply relaxing.                            75 Minutes                                                                                                         $100

Refreshing Foot Treatment Give your feet a break with this awesome treatment that will cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize. This includes a relaxing foot massage, as well. Can be added to any treatment.                                                                                 $25     

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